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How can I get help with my Guardian Brand Door or Window Parts?

How can I call Guardian Glass if I need help with my window or door Parts?


If you have a window or sliding glass door that needs parts, repair or replacement and it has a “Guardian” stamp on the glass, the best place to call is (719) 531-0961 or EMAIL:  - The glass code marking stamp showing the tempered glass by Guardian can mean several different suppliers that make the actual window or door, and parts replacements will vary. Guardian made the glass for various window and door companies who used the glass in their products. The manufacturer may be identified on various ares of some units: the casement crank handles, covers, latches and other hardware by Truth, EntryGard and others. You might also ID from the spacer bar material between the two panes of insulated glass. If there are no identifying marks on the window and you need assistance - the best method of parts ID will be to send some good pictures and we can most likely help.